World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure – The Best Way to Enjoy This New Show

eave it to Disney to create a great new attraction that literally blows everything else you have seen out of the water! The World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure is a show filled with the sights and sounds of classic Disney shows all projected in and around a huge lagoon. The fountains in the lagoon provide the screen where you view the movie clips, and the music from the movies surrounds you from all around. This show puts makes any other fountain show look like it is done with squirt guns!

When Disney first built the California Adventures theme park, the plan was to gear it toward adults. They had hoped to provide a place for couples to escape without the kids. However, Disneyland is a family destination and with the classic Disney park just across the parkway the people who went to California Adventures tended to be families. So it was time to rethink California Adventures.

So began a major revamping of the park. They are adding more rides geared toward families with small children and they are in the process of creating Radiator Springs, the town from the movie Cars. Part of the redesign of the park included draining the lagoon and fitting it with hundred of fountains and water cannons. The result of the 75 million dollar project is breath taking. They have combined water, lasers, fire and classic Disney movies and music for a show that will entertain even the smallest in your family.

But what is the best way to view the show? Since the show is on the water and most of the viewing places are standing room only, the best way to see it is to plan ahead. The show is free, but you will need to get fast passes near the Grizzly River Rapids for the show. Be warned, the fast passes go fast! In fact, they are usually gone for all three shows by noon.

If you don’t want to take your chances with a fast pass, get a World of Color picnic. You can order the picnics online at the Disneyland website for about $15 per person. You will have three meal choices to pick from and your picnic comes with reserved seating for the show. Make sure you order your picnic meals several days or weeks in advanced because they sell out quickly. When you get to the park, just pick up your picnic at the designated pick up site and enjoy!

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