Why Recycle Plastic?

What is plastic recycling?

The process of making recycled plastic involves using unwanted and waste plastics by means of reprocessing it into products that can be used for everyday needs. Melting down plastic bottles, furniture and packaging are the raw materials in which this is achieved.


Plastics must be sorted prior to this by category (known as resin code). If you compare plastic to other materials, it is much harder to process as it requires a matching up of chemical composition due high molecular weight and length. As well as this, industrial dyes make this process even harder to occur unless specific filtering is taken.

What can we do?

We can all help by making sure that every day unwanted plastic is reabsorbed back into the manufacturing process. Unwanted drinks bottles, packaging and even furniture that is no longer needed, is not thrown into the trash or landfill. But, with a little effort can be used as recyclable raw material in sustaining the world we live in. It is easy enough to carry on with our everyday lives and not pay attention to this topic, but when you consider the fact that plastic takes more than a lifetime to degrade, it then becomes a problem. Simple steps such as collecting and sorting your waste plastic and disposing of it at your local supermarket for example, all plays a part in the greater well being of the environment.

What happens after reprocessing?

After plastic is recycled it is made into what is called recycled plastic lumber. This is the fundamental building block that is used to create useful recycled plastic products. There are many elegant and stylish designs that can be manufactured from it. From Garden furniture, waste bins, children’s toys, chairs, benches and even pet feeding bowls.

Known Recycled Plastic Retailers

At present, there are only a handful of retailers that uniquely specialise in this area. If you’re into spicing up your garden or yard then worth looking at a UK based company called Kedel Ltd.

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