What to Know about Bali Vacation Cost

When you have to plan your budget carefully, make sure you involve all important parts in your budget plan. Standard Bali vacation cost will include accommodation, food, transportation for taxi and/or rent car and motorcycles (public transport in Bali can have hectic and unreliable schedules), government tax and service fees for hotel (usually about extra $1 to $2 in the invoice, but it also depends on the policy), tickets, entertainment, souvenirs and your personal shopping. After these main points are planned, you should also think about small spending.

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Things like airport tax, snacks for the flight or on the road, bottled water, entrance fee to the tourist places and tips for rent car drivers must also be considered. Plus, if you are in crowded areas like Kuta and Seminyak, you may want to spend money on motorcycle or bike to avoid traffic jam. Also, if you cannot separate from drinking habit, think about how much you will spend on alcohol, and make sure you cut it unless you actually plan to have night life tour. Also, think whether you want to try a tour or not, since it will definitely cost you extra.

Practical and Safety Tips for Bali Va

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