What is WordPress Web Hosting?

different kinds of WordPress web hosting? And which one is better for you?

Yes,What is WordPress Web Hosting? Articles there are two different types of WordPress web hosting. The first can be found at wordpress.com. The software within this website will allow you to create a blog at no charge, and add and delete content as you wish. It’s a very easy platform to use, but it is free; and so, it does come with some disadvantages.

The first is that you won’t have a domain name that’s easy to remember and that people can find easily. Ideally, you want to have a domain name that looks like this: especially if it’s a business website that you’re going to be running. If however, you use the platform at our domain name will look like this: This long and involved name will make it much harder for people to find, and they’ll most likely visit a competitor’s site that has a much more memorable name. If however, you’re using your website as a personal blog to just share content and pictures with friends and family, this might be all you need.

Another big disadvantage that comes with hosting your website with this type of free WordPress software is that you won’t have access to the number of plug-ins and add-ons that are available with wordpress.org. These features are really the “meat” of using WordPress web hosting; and without them, your website will most likely not function as you’d like.









Also when you use wordpress.com, you’ll be subjected to any ads that the developers want to put on your site. Because the site is free to you, it will have to pay for itself somehow. And the only way to do that is by placing advertisements on your site.

When you use wordpress.org, you’re actually using a web host that runs your site using WordPress. This means that you’ll need to register your own domain name, but other than that, it can be just like using wordpress.com – only so much better! Once you’ve registered your domain, you can simply find a WordPress web host, tell them what it is and what you’re looking for out of your site, and they can set the whole thing up for you. They can create the template, the layout, even the categories and sub-categories if you want. All you have to do is login and use WordPress just as you always would. The only different will be that all the features you’re looking for will be there.

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