USANA Review – From an Unbiased Industry Insider

Is USANA Health Sciences a good partner in business? USANA kicked off my network marketing experience. Although, I am no longer a USANA Associate, I don’t recruit people into the USANA opportunity, nor do I promote their products. But, before you discredit me and leave before hearing this valuable information, listen for a second, I did not fail at USANA, I left by choice and on great terms. I based my decision on my own review of what I wanted and needed out of a Network Marketing business model. This review is going to be about balanced and objective, based only on truth and facts. This is a truthful look at USANA from an industry insider that will lay it on the line.

Without a doubt, USANA Health Sciences is not a scam. USANA Health Sciences has more 3rd party accolades that most Network Marketing companies…period. Dr. Myron Wentz founded USANA in 1992. USANA has grown positively during it’s 17 years. Their nutritional products are scientifically formulated, pharmaceutical grade and NSF certified. What all this really means is stability.

An older company has it’s upsides, but there are some concerns with a deeply rooted company. I would’ve much preferred to get involved, back when my ex-Diamond Director’s uplines parents did, in the 90’s, when the market penetration wasn’t as deep. For example the new Philippine, Mexico and Asia markets are booming while the North American ma

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