The Top 5 Tech and Social Trends That Are Changing Workplace Health and Wellness Benefits

What’s the employer’s role in improving employees’ health considering an explosion in fitness and health-related consumer technology, and the changes being made in the healthcare system?

As a C+ student, I never get too close to the trees to miss the splendor of the forest – or to notice the forest is on fire regardless of the tree in front of me. Sometimes we all need a little tap on the shoulder, “Hey time to split this gig, dude.”

According to Mobile Marketer, there were about 97,000 mobile apps available related to health and fitness in 2013. See the article, “Mobile health app marketplace to take off, expected to reach $26B by 2017.” The wearable technologies are a new and growing industry. If you’re in this space, you’ll probably be at the Wearable Technologies Conference USA, July 2015 in San Francisco.

Just a small note here: A $26-billion consumer, mobile health app market tells me workplaces are not going to be where people engage in healthier pursuits.

Here are the top five trends that are changing workplaces.

1. Physical activity and biometric monitoring will be dominated by wearable technologies. According to Goode Intelligence, there will be 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometrics by 2019.

2. Public fitness facilities will become sophisticated, specialized, and abundant. See “20 Trends for the Future” from Athletic Business.

3. Health insurance will soon become the responsibility of the individual. See “Envisioning the End of Employer-Provided Health Plans.”

4. Workplaces will become much more virtual. Don’t miss this great infographi

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