Save on Taxis From Málaga Airport by Travelling in a Group

Not only are holidays with friends great fun but they could actually save you money when you book your airport transfer in advance and share the cost.


Known as the capital of the Costa del Sol,Save on Taxis From Málaga Airport by Travelling in a Group Articles Málaga is the perfect city for a fun-filled visit. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, great nightlife, tasty food at a reasonable prices, or you want to grab a few thrills with some extreme activities, you’ll find it all on offer in this vibrant Spanish city.

A great city to discover with friends, one of my favourite pastimes there is to just sit back in one of the many cafés, bars and restaurants that line areas like the Pier 1 at the Port, Mitjana Square and Calle Larios and watch the world go by. People-watching is a Malagueños pastime, and during ‘merienda time’ (between 5-7pm) it can seem like everyone in the city is out on the street relaxing and having fun. And, as in most Spanish cities, don’t even think about going to bed early, the party in Málaga doesn’t really get going until after 11.30pm!

During the day, hang out on one of the city’s beautiful beaches and try the local speciality of Espeto, fresh sardines cooked on a stick over an open fire and sold cheaply all along the seafront. Delicious!

Travelling in a Group

Of course going on holiday with a group of friends is always great fun but it can also be a great advantage in terms of making group bookings for things that could otherwise prove costly.

Group Deals on Airport Transfers

One area where you’ll really notice the difference booking as a group will be in your transportation from the airport.

Instead of worrying about finding multiple, expensive local taxis from Málaga airport, you can share a comfortable ride in a pre-booked shuttle transfer vehicle with enough room to fit you all, and your luggage.

Sharing the cost will mean that you can afford to book your transfer on-line in advance, making sure that the driver will be there waiting for you, rather than you having to hunt down the taxis from Málaga airport along with every other passenger on your flight.

Book with one of the many private companies working in the area, and you’ll even be able to guarantee that your driver speaks English and knows exactly where you want to go so you won’t need to go into sign language and map pointing like most English tourists arriving at Málaga airport.

Save on Haggling

It’s always tricky when you first arrive at a destination: you’re tired, excited and not quite sure of the exchange rate, and then suddenly you have to argue for the best price for one of the taxis from Málaga airport. If there are many of you it can be even worse! With a pre-arranged airport transfer, the cost will be set out when you book so you can budget for it and know that the driver won’t take you on a tour of the city to drive up the price.

Whatever size of group you’re travelling with, there will be a vehicle option which will suit you and you can be sure that when you and your friends arrive there will be a car waiting to take you all to your destination. Just throw your bags in the back and get on with your holiday, with maybe just a friendly, sympathetic wave to those poor tourists waiting in line for one of the taxis from Málaga airport.