My Quest to Find That Digital Marketing Guru

I am writing this review hoping that it will help you solve the problem of finding the best marketing partner for your business. As I read through the comments, I can see that most of you have been struggling to find that perfect person – the quintessential marketing ‘guru’ who claims to possess all the knowledge of how businesses work.

Let me begin with this. I wasted several months – almost a year – dealing with these self-proclaimed gurus who seemed to be so great at giving the right sermons at the right time. However, it never went beyond that. The words – that’s all they had to offer. Sure, these people could sell dreams but what I actually needed was to sell my product and that was certainly not happening. Interestingly, in the initial stages, I was lost in the game of impressions, visibility, postings, engagement, content, blogs, leads and so on. But then, where were the sales? It was still eluding me, running away from me, just like success. These self proclaimed digital gurus, the freelancers, some digital marketing companies and their sales guys, some promotors of digital agencies and their theories, still amaze me. Anyways, since there is no yard stick for performance and that things take time, I was not sure on whom to believe and whom not to at that stage.

Anyway, I still decided to stick to the plan. I just thought I had not found the right person. So I went from one ‘guru’ to another. Damn! I wish I had used that time and energy for better purposes. After 8 months of wasting my time, I was just disappointed and literally hopeless. I literally gave up on using digital as a tool for lead or for sales. I thought, damn it, might be the traditional method would work better and could get more results out of them, but then the digital dream and the fact that if not today in years to come we would be completely on digital platform made me realized that it was important for me to understand these tools, and find a partner who can actually anchor my digital ship in the digital word.

Finally, I decided to collaborate with some agency, and yes, I mean a proper agency, not like the ones who say “what’s the need to come to my office? In any case, we are going to work digitally, so why bother meeting? Let’s start the work.” Oh, come on, man, I understand work happens digitally, but they are not digital ghosts who work. It has to be someone. So why this hide and seek a

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