Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

The Lightweight Manual Wheelchair: How It Can Help

Many people will tell you that they do not need any help getting around. The thing is, though, having a little help through something like a lightweight manual wheelchair sure does come in handy. When the wheelchairs are too heavy, it can be hard for a disabled person to move around much and when they do, they often get tired fairly quick. This is simply because they were not making use of lightweight wheelchairs but rather heavy ones. Why spend only a few hours a day out of the house when you could spend all day and all night roaming around if that is what you really wanted to do. With the lightweight manual wheelchair, you will be able to do just that.

Also, with the lightweight manual wheelchair, it can be fold up and stored easily in the trunk of a car. This means that getting in and out of the car to go into various stores is not such a problem. If the wheelchair was heavier or was an electronic one that could not be carried and stored as easily as the lightweight wheelchairs, you might find yourself frustrated an awful lot.

But just what is it about the lightweight wheelchairs that make them so much lighter than their older models? Generally, it is nothing more than the metal that is used which would be titanium or aluminum. These are the materials that will provide the lightest weight for hauling. The lightest of the lightweights is fourteen pounds while the older, heavier models had the lightest chair weighing in at twenty-eight pounds. This is a big difference, especially for the person that has to haul it in and out of the trunk of the car all day. It also makes a difference for the person having to manually wheel the chair around.

Because of the fact that a disabled person will not become as tired as quickly, you will find that they have energy to do more things throughout the day. The can get around the house easier and even take a ride through the mall. When it comes to independence and the ability to get around on your own, you will want to make sure that you have a lightweight manual wheelchair that will help you to get to wherever it is that you plan on going.

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