Importance Of Gold Purity, Hallmarking In Diamond Rings

Now, lets assume that Mr. ABC jeweler is selling you a beautiful Diamond ring, but while making the ring, he mixes 30% other metals with pure Gold? YOU still pay him for 75% Gold, but you get 70! Straight 5% out of your pocket! What if he mixes 40% other metals…. Do the math!

6) To prevent cheaters such as our Mr. ABC, major governments have devised a method called Gold Hallmarking.

7) Through this method, every participating jeweler has to send all ready jewelry to authorized hallmarking centers where the items are tested by refining a (tiny) part of the actual jewelry item!

8) Since the refining test is totally fool-proof, only those jewels that are above the said grade are passed and an official gold hallmark stamp is marked on them. This stamp usually contains the logo of the Government body, Gold carat of the jewel, and year when the test was done.

9) Since, jewelry passed through this method cannot be tampered after hallmarking (because it will erase the stamp), the method guarantees YOU, the customer, that your ring is IN FACT, of 18ct Gold!

10) No chance of cheating, no room for tampering, this gold hallmarking method is

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