How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Per Month For A Family?

However, the issue on the cost of family’s health insurance does generate so many responses because insurance rate plans are based on many factors. First, it is the location. Health insurance rates can differ based on location. Incidentally, the standard monthly insurance rate of a family who resides in an urban area differs from that of the family who lives in the rural area. The same thing goes from those who reside in the suburban area. Second, it depends on the type of employment the head of the family is employed to. Executive jobs do have higher premium rates while those of factory jobs have much lower rates. So rates are also based largely on the income of the person who will be paying the insurance coverage for his or her family.

Third, rates may also differ based from the sponsorship of the employees. This means that there are companies that automatically insure their employees and pay half the price for their families’ insurance plans. Fourth, the rate may also depend on your age. Think about that if you are already among the middle-aged individuals who want to be insured, the insurance company will consider your age and the age of the members of your family and would likely to provide you different coverage plan rate. And lastly, the location and employment based on the standard of living of the insurance holder also plays their crucial roles that influence the rate of the insurance plans.

For example, in New York or New Jersey, a family may pay around $1,200 average premium per month if the head of the family took a New York insurance plan through his company while a family in Maryland may only pay $540 monthly if the insurance is taken for the family’s private protection. Why in NY the rate is so high? Because NY has a very high standard of living so employees do get much higher wages than their sub-urban employee counterparts. When you live and work in this city, you cannot be denied of your rights not to be under insurance coverage and you are encouraged to include your family to it. While in Maryland, families have to be medically qualified to get their insurance coverage. In case a family does not qualify, they can rely through state’s coverage health insurance plans but the family must pay higher on premium rates.

There are also the types of health insurance coverage which are given as options. For example, some people only take the accident type coverage which they can rely when accidents happen. Other families would want to be insured under the critical illness plans especially if their families have histories of certain illnesses.

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