Home Theater Sound Dampening Solutions For the Do-It-Yourselfer

Remember the days when you would pack up your car and take the family to a drive-in movie? Some of you may and some of you may not, because the world of movie-watching has drastically changed over the years. The “drive-in” theater has evolved into the more modern movie theaters we know today, where you sit in uncomfortable seats, between crying kids and rambunctious teenagers, eating a small bag of stale popcorn that costs as much as an entire box from the grocery store.

Ok, so this version is a little harsh. Going to the movies can be an enjoyable thing, but more often than not you will face one of those four problems when you go. Which leads to my next point- movie theaters are on the verge of yet another transition- the new and improved home theater.

Home theaters are quickly becoming the “movie theater” of today. The convenience of walking downstairs to watch a movie with your family is a huge perk to those who decide to take on the task of adding such an addition. Although the seats, screen, and overall décor of your room are all important, the one overriding factor that will either make or break your project is the sound of your room. Home theater sound dampening solutions are key in creating a room that keeps sound where it’s supposed to be- and that’s not in the next room over.




Sound insulation is one necessary home theater sound dampening product that is sure to reduce the noise within your room up to 60 percent when installed correctly. Sound insulation is used as a blocking technique to keep the sound from traveling through your walls, windows, floors and ceiling. Some types of sound insulation are made from durable, recycled rubber, which not only makes an immediate impact on your own home theater environment, but makes a difference in the greater environment as well.

As many as there are homeowners building a new theater, so are there theater s

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