Four Reasons Football Shares Make a Great Gift

Football is, without doubt, one of the UK’s most popular sports. It’s so popular that a huge range of footballing memorabilia has sprung up, including everything from shirts to mugs and newspaper books. Now, you can treat the football fans in your life to a really special gift by buying them football shares and giving them the chance to own a little piece of their favourite club.

Brilliant Benefits

This is every fan’s dream – there probably isn’t a football fan out there who hasn’t dreamt about what it might be like to own the club and make decisions about it. As a shareholder, they’ll be able to attend shareholder meetings and vote on important issues, giving them a real say in how their favourite club is won. This makes football shares the perfect present for any football fan, no matter what the occasion.

Added Extras

It’s a gift they’re sure to really appreciate and it will make match days more special than ever for them once they actually have their own stake in the club. As well as the shares you buy them, they’ll also receive a presentation certificate to commemorate the gift. They’ll also get information about the club as well as valuable shareholder information and a registration card, making sure they have everything they need to act as a shareholder of their favourite club.

Choose your Favourite Club

There a range of football clubs that are open for people looking to buy football shares, so you care sure to find the perfect option for the person you are buying a gift for. For example, options currently include Tottenham, Rangers, Celtic and Watford, which are all part of the fantastic ‘Own a Share in your Favourite Club’ gift pack as well as the Football Share Gift Box.

Great for any Occasion

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