California Health Insurance For Self-Employed

A health insurance policy protects an individual in case of unexpected health problems. Most states make it mandatory for the citizens to have some form of health insurance cover. The insurance market in California has a myriad of health insurance companies providing health insurance plans to individuals belonging to all age groups. However, some insurance companies are quite apprehensive while extending health insurance coverage to self-employed individuals.

Many self-employed individuals often seek health insurance under their spouse?s company insurance plan. If the spouse of a self-employed individual is working for a company offering a group health insurance plan, the individual is automatically covered in the plan.

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a very useful option for the initial period of self-employment. When an individual leaves a job, the employer is compelled by law to offer the individual the choice of retaining their membership in the health insurance plan. However, the individual has to pay the entire premium amount.

Several organizations of self-employed people come together to unite their buying power to obtain inexpensive health insurance by means of a group policy.

This is a viable option for small business owners and self-employed individuals.

Some health insurance companies offer group policies at reasonable prices. This form of policy has many advantages. Apart from being inexpensive, they cover every individual in the group irrespective of their state of health. This option is extremely beneficial for individuals who have been ineligible for individual health plans owing to their health conditions. Many business owners, who are likely to expand their businesses in the near future, usually opt for short-term health insurance policies.

It is advisable to conduct a good research to get the best health insurance plan. However, it is important that the insurance company has a good standing in the insurance market. Individuals can obtain free quotes of various health insurance providers to compare the prices and different types of coverage offered. Individuals who do not have adequate knowledge about health insurance policies can consult a health insurance broker for guidance.

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