Abominable services of car renters

One can find numerous complaints on websites regarding disappointing services of car rental companies throughout the world.

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One of old tourist,Guest Posting who fell victim to such service complained that on his vacation from Colorado in Florida with his family (7 adults, 3 grand-children), he experienced the worst customer service possible by the Car Rental Agency. It all began at the Tampa International airport where car rental agency, told him that they do not have a mini-van available in-spite of ten days prior online booking on his part, and he was ultimately asked to settle on a Jeep SUV which exceeded his budget.

Since there are no regulations and no authority checks for such services, Car rental companies exercise full monopoly in the matters. Sadly being entirely customer service based industry they have little value for both customers and services.

The reasons for malfunctioning of car rental companies are that they keep their vehicles longer as a way of saving money, which means customer are likelier to get a high-mileage car that adds up to their cost and increases the risk of car break-down. Secondly because car renters know that it is a service that makes customer captive, customer ought to pay once the services are consumed in order to make an extra buck or two they add all sorts of charges, in fact the worst of car rental companies jack up their fees when customers least expect it.

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