Good News! Lower Cost HD Radios Are Here

The first of these new, lower cost HD radios is the Accurian HD radio from RadioShack.

This new HD radio just about blows the doors off the $200 barrier with a price of just $174.99 after a $25 rebate.

The RadioShack Accurian HD Radio may be low-priced, but according to one source (Jonathan Takiff in the Philadelphia Inquirer) it does deliver excellent sound. The Accurian measures a svelte 12″ by 6.97″ x 6.61″, and includes an easy-to-read text display that can show helpful information such as station and song name, band, frequency and more. It can also handle expanded programming options, including data services, traffic, weather and sports.

If you scan up and down the dial of the RadioShack Accurian HD radio, it will lock first into a standard FM or AM signal. Then, if the station broadcasts in HD, it will automatically switch to the station’s digital signal in about five seconds.

When you push the scan button, the Accurian will first display an HD station’s primary signal – for example as 101.2-1. If you touch the scan dial again, and the station is broadcasting an HD2 channel, it will show up as 101.2-2 and so forth.

The Accurian comes complete with the remote control with battery, power adapter, FM T-shaped antenna, AM loop-style antenna and a user guide.

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