On this occasion, I will share some information about the dragon tiger game in the online casino. This dragon tiger game was originally played for the first time in Cambodia. This game began to appear in casinos in Cambodia in 1998. This game spread very quickly because the game was very easy to understand and the way to play was very easy. I will also explain a little of its history from the beginning to enter the online casino world. Come see.

Dragon tiger games actually only exist in casinos in Cambodia and the main place is in Phnom Penh. This game is very easy and the time in each game round is very short. We cannot deny it because there are many enthusiasts so this game also appears in online casinos. This game is based on dragon mythology that challenges the tiger, so this game is called dragon tiger.

Rules and Procedures for Playing Dragon Tiger in Online Casino

Dragon tiger game itself makes players have to make a choice whether you want to place a bet on dragon or tiger. Each dragon and tiger will be given one card. After that the two cards will be opened and you can see which card has the higher value. The higher the card that is opened, the highest card will be the winner. The nominal value of the cards in the dragon tiger game is different from the baccarat game. If in baccarat the cards Jack, Queen, and King will be counted as 0, if in dragon tiger Jack the value is 11, Queen is worth 12, and King is worth 13.

Dragon tiger uses 8 decks of cards that are inserted in the card holder. The shuffling will be made up to the predetermined card limit before the first card to be dealt. After that the dealer will distribute the card to you. If the card has been divided, then you are only given 15 seconds to place a bet according to what you want the nominal. If the time to place bets is up, the dealer will notify you that the time to place bets is up and you cannot place bets again until the next round. After that the two cards that have been divided will be opened simultaneously. So, you can see which card is higher, and the one with the higher card value will be the winner. Very simple, right?

In dragon tiger, there are 3 kinds of bets that you can place, namely:

  1. First there is the dragon bet. You will win if you place a bet on dragon and it turns out that the card on dragon has a higher value than tiger.
  2. Second there is a tiger. The method is the same, if you choose tiger in the bet and it turns out that the tiger card is higher than dragon then you come out as the winner.
  3. Third, there is a draw or draw. If you place your bet on a draw or draw, you can win if the two cards dealt have the same card value.

If you have placed a tie, the bet you have placed will be returned half the stake.

That is the information I can share about dragon tiger games at online casinos. You can play right now and you can also enjoy other trending games, for example online poker and sicbo online. thanks. Good luck. Happy betting!